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Airwaybill   Document showing details of goods, routing and consignment for Air shipments
Average   See General Average
AWB   See “Airwaybill”
B/L   See Bill of Lading
BAF   Surcharge imposed when ships' fuel costs rise
Bill of Lading   Formal document having title of the goods shown on the face and showing terms of carriage. Also shows details of carriage and to whom goods are consigned. Can be issued in negotiable and non-negotiable forms
Bond   Surety put up to customs allowing goods to be removed from port areas to other secure locations.
Bonded Entry   Customs entry giving details of bonded warehouse to which goods will be removed without payment of monies to customs.
Bonded Warehouse   Warehouse under indirect customs control. Warehousekeeper puts up a bond to customs and is liable for any duties and other monies due to customs in the event goods cannot be accounted for.
Bunker Adjustment Factor   See BAF
C&F   Cost & Freight – see FAQ
CAA   Civil Aviation Authority (UK)
CAF   Currency surcharge imposed when US$ rate of exchange becomes unfavourable to shipowners.
Carrier   Company involved in the physical movement of goods
Cbm   Cubic Metre
Chargeable weight   Usually Airfreight. Volume cargo will be charged per kilo of gross weight unless volume to weight ratio is greater than 6 cbm = 1 Kg, in which case it is charged per 6/1000 cbm.
CIF   Cost, Insurance & Freight see FAQ
Clean Signature   Endorsement without comment signifying that no damage or other discrepancy has been noted.
Consignee   Party to whom goods are consigned
Currency Adjustment Factor   See CAF
Devanning   Removal of cargo from a container.
EORI   Number issued by Customs to allow commercial import of goods
E.T.A   Estimated Time of Arrival of vessel at destination port or of aircraft to destination airport
Endorsement   Qualification added to documents to signify transfer of said document or to note some discrepancy
Ex Works   See FAQ
FCL   Full Container Load.
Feeder Service   Original vessel taking goods to main port where they are transferred to vessel undertaking the major part of the voyage.
Free Circulation   Goods of EU origin or Goods from outside the EU which have cleared customs and on which monies due to customs have been paid.
Groupage   Collection of small shipments (LCL) loaded in container and shipped by forwarder to their overseas partner as FCL.
HAWB   Airwaybill issued by agent who is not the actual carrier
IATA   International Air Transport Association
L/C   Letter of Credit
LCL   Less than a container load
MAWB   Airwaybill issued by carrying airline. May cover goods shown on more than one HAWB
NOA   Notice of arrival
Notify Party   Person of company to whom the carrier should send their notice of arrival
POD   Proof of delivery
Shipper   Party sending the goods
Stuffing   Loading cargo into a container.
Terminal   Place where vessels discharge within port area. Can also be a warehouse where LCL cargo is stuffed or unstuffed.
TEU   Twenty foot equivalent unit. A Forty Foot Container is 2 TEU
THC   Terminal Handling Charge
VATOS   Usually applied to rates or quotations meaning “Variable at time of shipment”